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We here at CCI take protection seriously. Our state-of-the-art products are specifically developed to ensure maximum corrosion protection, without compromising the environment.

We take pride in our products and services and we constantly aim to improve. Our list of customers has proven, that we have succeeded in keeping our promise.

Looking forward to doing business with you,

Jochum von Schoultz
Corrosion Control International Oy


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Corrosion Control International


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Retrowrap STD (Standard)

Retrowrap is used for inshore splash zone and underwater corrosion protection for piles, pipelines and risers. Designed to suit any diameter from 50 mm to 3 meters, it may be interlocked to accommodate any required protected length. Full-length Geon™ closure flanges are factory-fitted with corrosion-resistant self-threading fasteners designed to retain Retrowrap in position throughout its service life. During installation, the flanges permit the creation of induced hoop tension within the multilayer fabric, which induces the corrosion-inhibited gel to flow and totally encapsulate and protect the substrate without the use of primers, fillers or tapes.


  • Easy one-piece installation; no primer, filler or tapes
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Full-length flange closure for easy installation
  • Easy removal and replacement for substrate inspection
  • Provides active protection with environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Totally UV-resistant
  • May be fitted with corrosion rate monitoring